Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Conservation Easement Walk on Friday

On the afternoon of November 6th, the Lower Shore Land Trust and the Maryland Coastal Bays Program will lead a short walking tour around a conservation easement property along Pitts Road. The property is owned by the Coastal Bays Program and the conservation easement is co-held by the Lower Shore Land Trust and the Maryland Environmental Trust.

Recently, wetland restoration work has been completed along Middle Branch, and the Land Trust and the Coastal Bays Program are excited to share this work with you. The habitat restoration work will enhance an already productive riparian corridor, while maintaining critical flood control functions. The Maryland Coastal Bays Program acquired this 79 acre conservation easement property, near Showell, in 2008. In addition to the habitat restoration work, the Coastal Bays Program has used the property for various educational trips, including previous Great Worcester Herp Search outings.

A conservation easement is a written agreement between a landowner and a conservation agency, or land trust, which ensures that a property will not be developed beyond an agreed upon limit. The land remains in private ownership while the Lower Shore Land Trust assures that the terms of the agreement are forever met. Easements are a tool for property owner to control the future use, appearance and character of the land. Landowners can continue to farm, harvest timber, and hunt, as well as reserve building rights for future use.

Contact the Lower Shore Land Trust to sign up for this field trip which will take place on Friday, November 6th from 2 – 4 PM.

The Maryland Coastal Bays Program and the Lower Shore Land Trust hope you will consider joining us for a fun and educational tour of a unique conservation easement property.


Anonymous said...

I am worried about chiggers. Will you offer any protection from them?

MCBP said...

Sorry, but no. Bring bug spray!