Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday's Herp Search a Big Success!

Children and adults alike had a great time searching for reptiles and amphibians with help from the Maryland Coastal Bays Program, Maryland DNR, Salisbury University, Salisbury Zoo, and DLITE.

Sixty participants at the Pocomoke River State Park/Shad Landing tallied 19 species for the day: Fowler's toad, spring peeper, green frog, bullfrog, Southern leopard frog, Cope's grey treefrog, green treefrog, four-toed salamander, redbacked salamander, five-lined skink, fence lizard, broad-headed skink, black racer, black rat snake, worm snake, Northern water snake, Eastern box turtle, painted turtle, snapping turtle.

Thanks to Jim Rapp of DLITE for the great photos!

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