Monday, April 6, 2009

Implementation Grants Awarded

The Maryland Coastal Bays Program announces the funding of $100,000 in implementation grants to program partners for projects concerning issues threatening our watershed.
These grants are offered to assist in the implementation of actions in the Maryland Coastal Bays Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, which represents a consensus of the best means needed to preserve the economic and ecological prosperity of the coastal bays for the future.
Grants funded in the 2008-2009 cycle have been awarded to the following projects:
· $1,200 – Worcester County Department of Comprehensive Planning for Gum Point Road boat ramp restoration and interpretive panel.
· $20,000 – University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences to assess the causes of recent widespread increases in nitrogen in the coastal bays.
· $15,000 – University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences to print the book Shifting Sands: Environmental and Cultural changes in Maryland’s Coastal Bays.
· $20,000 – Maryland Department of Natural Resources for Isle of Wight and E.A. Vaughn WMA Saltmarsh Restoration.
· $7,000 – Town of Ocean City for Robin Drive shoreline restoration.
· $2,500 – Assateague Coastal Trust for Grow Berlin Green.
· $14,500 – Lower Shore Land Trust for terrestrial monitoring for habitat conservation prioritization.
· $4,000 – Worcester County Tourism for phase one of Ayres Creek water trail on Lewis Road.
· $15,988 – Maryland Dept of Environment to study how much time it takes ground water and its nutrients to move from under crop fields to nearby waters.

The responsibilities of the Implementation Committee includes communicating and collaboration among its members to build consensus for recommended actions, representing water quality, resource management, and other important environmental perspectives. The committee is also responsible for finding and implements solutions, defining and ranking estuary problems, overseeing annual work plans, and approving all resource and funding allocations.

Since 1999, the Coastal Bays Program as given more than $850,000 for projects in the watershed. This summer the program will award “minigrants” to local community groups for more projects designed to help protect wildlife and water quality.

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